The idea for The Pet Handbook originated back in 2011 when I first decided to own a cat and a dog. Lucy & Max gave me a lot of troubles initially. It was hard to figure out what they wanted at first and how to stop them squabbling. There were days when they just wouldn’t listen to me at all. And whenever I looked for help, I would find cooked up “expert” advice that rarely worked!

Do you feel the same way? Is your pet distant from you and you just can’t seem to get through? As time passed by, I figured out the secret. And I love to share it.

Knowing what they are thinking can make the bond of love you share stronger. It’s not about feeding them at the right times, nor taking them for walks, not even training them. It’s something totally different. It’s about understanding your pet.

Pets feel. They show you unconditional love. And if you understand it, you will be exposed to a wealth of emotions that can enrich your life as a pet parent.

On this blog, I show you exactly how to make that connection. I share all my knowledge about pets, pet food, healthy habits, and more. All my advice is based on my own experience with my pet cat, and of all those readers who have shared what my tips have done for them.

My tips have helped my readers become closer to their pets. I can do the same for you. You will find a lot of material on how to be the best buddy for your pet.

If you have any doubts, or pet problems you want help with, send them to me. I’ll respond quickly.