why your cat needs dental insurance

Why Your Cat Needs Dental Insurance

Like their human family and other house pets, felines need dental insurance. This is for many reasons, including the fact that, like all house pets, they are susceptible to different dental problems. Some of the best cat dental insurance is affordable and covers a wide range of issues your feline pet may experience in its lifetime.

If you are considering getting pet dental insurance for your cat but are still wondering if it is worthwhile then you are just in the right place.

Here, we will discuss all you should know about cat dental insurance, why you should get your cat dental insurance, what they cover and what most dental insurance for pets does not cover. You may leave other questions about this type of insurance in the comment section below, and we will answer them.

Periodontal issues

Cats and dogs often have to deal with periodontal diseases. These are infections that commonly occur in the spaces created when there is tartar buildup. The treatments can include tooth extraction or gum reattachment when discovered early. Without pet dental insurance, these treatments can cost hundreds of dollars and even more, especially if it worsens to affect organs such as the liver, heart, or kidneys.

Tooth infection

When left untreated, most tartar buildups can worsen into severe infections around the gums and teeth. And as always, the body tries to fight off these infections by sending white blood cells to the problem areas, often leading to painful abscesses and consequently foul smell and discomfort that may get in the way of the feline’s grooming.

While all cats may deal with tooth infection from tartar buildup, older felines or those with a history of dental problems may be more susceptible to dental infections that, if left untreated, can significantly affect the animal's quality of life.

Like most periodontal issues and their complications, tooth infections from tartar buildup can be expensive to treat, with some costing up to $5000 if paying out of pocket or without pet dental insurance.

Other conditions such as gingivitis and plaque (often lead to infections and other complications), which may be avoided with regular checkups, chew toys, and regular brushing, can also cost a lot if paid for out of pocket.

Why You Should Get Your Cat Dental Insurance

If you are not looking to pay directly for your feline’s dental issues and the possible complications, you should consider pet dental insurance. Most of the best dental insurance for cats provides coverage for dental diseases and injuries from accidents or ill health.

Some may, however, not cover cosmetic and orthodontic procedures like implants, caps, and pre-existing conditions before the coverage.

Why Your Cat Needs Dental Insurance: Conclusion

Felines like canines and other pets are susceptible to dental problems and complications from them. And these conditions are often expensive to treat, with many even running into thousands of dollars when paying out of pocket.

Thankfully, pet dental insurance or even a comprehensive health plan for your feline offers coverage for many common conditions except for some, which may exclude cosmetic procedures.

So, if you have been wondering if your cat needs dental insurance, we hope this article is the confirmation you need. However, before buying a dental plan, ensure you check the fine prints for all of the plan's details and compare as many plans as possible before settling for one.  

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