How to Keep Dog Entertained While at Work

How to Keep Dog Entertained While at Work

It is not often possible to keep our dogs company for as long as we would ideally wish. We have to work, go out, and leave our fur babies all by themselves. While dogs and all animals are inclined to find ways to entertain themselves, these ways can, unfortunately, sometimes include destroying your properties. Dogs can rip your clothes, furniture, and carpet to curb boredom and may even harm themselves in the process.

Thankfully, there is a lot you can do to keep your dog busy while you're away, and I'll outline how to keep your dog entertained while you're at work below. If you have questions or thoughts on ways to keep your dog busy while you're away, don't forget to share in the comment section underneath.

How to Stop Your Dog From Being Bored While You're Working

Hire A Dog Walker

If you’re going to be away for an extended period, you should consider enlisting a dog walker's help. While these services are not always free, they save you money. This includes money you’d have spent replacing damaged properties. Plus, your dog also gets the additional benefit of getting quality exercise at no extra cost to you.

Also, most dogs are usually tired after a long walk and will sleep almost the entire day. Dog walking services are common, and you can always ask around for one in your neighborhood whenever you feel ready for it.

Leave the TV On

Dogs may not be able to verbalize their thoughts, but they hear and understand. Instead of leaving your dog all alone, you can turn on your TV and increase the volume. They can watch animal documentaries on repeat until you return. Your dog will be kept busy and away from trouble with the TV on until you return.

Get a Water Fountain

Beyond keeping your dog hydrated, a water fountain helps to keep your dog entertained and happy over a long time. Instead of a regular water bowl, you can invest in a water fountain. These fountain types not only lure your dog into drinking more water but also draw their attention until his humans return home.

Let Him Look Out 

Like felines, looking outside the window is one activity canines enjoy. Create a spot where they can look at the world outside your house and be entertained by whatever is going on. This activity not only keeps them distracted but also helps them become familiar with the neighborhood and the happenings in it.

Play with Ice

A safe and effective way to keep your dog distracted when you’re away, this entertainment form consists of putting some of your dog’s favorite treats or food in an ice cream container, adding water to it, and letting it freeze.

The melting and waiting process will keep your dog entertained for long instead of engaging in destructive behaviors.

Peanut Butter Toy

Canines love the taste and smell of peanut butter, and it is one way you can keep your pooch entertained until you return home. Stuff your pooch’s toy with peanut butter (opt for one free of artificial ingredients) and place it in an area where your pooch can find it. He will spend hours or even the entire day trying to lick out all of the peanut butter.

Take the Dog to Daycare

You’ll find pet daycares everywhere these days, and it is so pet owners like you can have somewhere safe to drop off their pooch. It may take some time, but eventually, your dog will enjoy being in a new environment and being around other dogs, especially if he is naturally very social.

However, before you drop your dog off the first time, take time to visit the facility to see the place for yourself, not just relying entirely on reviews or pictures.

You can always check out as many daycares as you want before deciding on one.

Dental Chews

Before you leave, provide your dog with lots of dental chews and toys. So, instead of chewing on your stuff and destroying your possession and harming himself in the process, he’ll chew the toys. He also gets the added benefit of cleaner teeth and fresher breath with these toys.

Get a Furry Sibling

Getting another dog (preferably adopted or rescued) to provide your pooch with companionship is a win-win for both sides.

First, your pet gets to have someone to be with when you’re away, and the new pet receives a loving home. But make sure that you are genuinely prepared to care for another pet. You also want to ensure that the new animal is healthy, vaccinated, and just as active or on the same energy level as your dog. You want them to get along just fine and not only one wearing down the less active or weaker one.

To be sure that they suit each other and your family, you should try fostering the dog first if adopting or rescuing. Then, settle for the best fit.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts involve hiding toys and other goodies around your house to provide your pooch with some form of hunting activity. He’ll spend hours finding these bounties with his senses. Just ensure that you don’t place the foods or treats too many times in one spot. Only hide small amounts, and in areas your pet can find and access. Remember to clean out these spots regularly to prevent rot or attract

Calm the Dog

Dogs are prone to separation anxiety and, as such, will become anxious or hyperactive when left alone for an extended period. You can calm an anxious dog when you’re away by doing or all any of the following.

Calming essential oils on your pet’s bedding

Provide him with natural calming treats. These treats are formulated to improve rest and can keep your pooch relaxed while you’re away to eliminate or all reduce the anxiety that could lead to property destruction.

Dog pheromones

Artificial pheromones are similar in many ways to the ones emitted by lactating canine mothers to calm their pups. These pheromones can be diffused via a spray, a diffuser, or a collar. It’s been shown to be effective on dogs suffering from separation anxiety, and there are several types to choose from.

If using a diffuser, you can place it in a room your dog frequents or apply the spray on the beddings if using a spray.

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