Best Diabetic Dog Treats in 2020 | Review of Top 5 Products

Dogs like many other pets can quickly become parts of our families. Their naturally lovable and intelligent nature makes them easy to fall in love with and so, it can be challenging for owners to come to terms with the diagnosis when they become ill. 

This is especially true when they come down with chronic illnesses such as diabetes mellitus. This disease in both humans and animals requires close monitoring. You want to ensure your pet stays within the acceptable glucose level and that can only be maintained with the right lifestyle, diet, and insulin. 

However, a diabetes diagnosis does not mean that your canine can’t enjoy treats like other dogs. It can, and it should with healthy, tasty, and specially prepared treats suitable for diabetic dogs. Below, we’ve reviewed five best diabetic dog treats and our choosing guidelines to help you narrow your search. 

The Best Treats for Dogs with Diabetes

Product Name

Key Features

Our Rating

- All natural - High protein.
- Contains Omega 3 And 6 fatty acids.
- Helps reduce tartar and plaque.

All natural, herbal based ingredients.
No additives.
Low calorie.

Supports animal rescue.
Healthier teeth, skin, nails & coat

Made from sustainable, wild caught Alaskan cod.
Natural and without Antibiotics, glycerin, grains, artificial flavors and/or preservatives.

100% pure and rich in nutrients.
Freeze dried raw to lock in the aroma, texture and freshness.
High in protein with on average 3 calories per treat.

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Savory Prime Cod Skin Dog Treats

Savory Prime Cod Skin Crunchy Bites Dog Treats


  • All Natural - High Protein
  • Contains Omega 3 And 6 Fatty Acids
  • Helps Reduce Tartar And Plaque


Made from 100% codfish from the Atlantic Ocean and Wild Pacific, the treat made our list of best diabetic dog treats for good reasons. It is rich in nutrients a diabetic dog requires to thrive. Cod skins are high in Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, nutrients, and essential oils all valuable for their health benefits. 

The treat is not only health-promoting; the coat and skin also benefit. Because of its crunchy texture, the chewing process helps to prevent tartar buildup and lessen the risk of tooth decay. 

The natural protein-rich treat also does not contain preservatives, coloring, and gluten and therefore is perfect as a snack for all canines. 


  • All Natural, herbal based ingredients
  • No additives
  • Low calorie


With over 20 years of canine treats-making experience, the Old Dog Cookie Company is one brand you can trust from your diabetic dog’s treats. The treats are manufactured wholly from herb-based natural ingredients. 

No additives, colorings, preservatives, and chemicals are included in this product – just the kind of treat safe for a diabetic dog. There is an even more interesting story behind the product. It was born from the love of a dog named “Drakes Island Jetty”. 

His owners had noticed the signs of aging and began researching pet nutrition to keep “Drake” as healthy as possible. Soon, however, “Drake” developed diabetes but luckily, “Drake’s” owners’ research had already paid off – they knew exactly what he needed to stay healthy even with the diagnosis. 

And so began the Old Dog Company. The treats made in the USA are formulated from certified organic ingredients. The ingredients include stone ground whole wheat flour, apples, rolled oats, alfalfa, kelp, squash, and dandelion. These carefully selected ingredients are intended to help slow your canine’s metabolism, manage insulin requirements, lower blood sugar and enhance overall wellbeing. Still wondering why it made our review of best diabetic dog treats? No? We thought as much!  


  • Supports animal rescue
  • Healthier teeth, skin, nails & coat


The Peeve Gear Company is made up of scientists, animal lovers, and vet techs, with a passion for dogs, animal rescue, and general canine wellness. To ensure their treats are perfect for all canines and diabetic ones especially, they make the treats with no fillers, preservatives, colorings, hormones, and glutens. This makes them a great choice for canines prone to food allergies and other sensitivity issues.

The treat is 100% protein and vitamins for better immunity and healthier furs.  And you get two different flavors in one pack: roasted chicken breast and beef sirloin plus sweet potatoes and carrots. Also, most of the ingredients are handpicked, making the treat one you can trust for your canine’s health. 


  • Made From Sustainable, Wild Caught Alaskan Cod
  • Natural And Without Antibiotics, Glycerin, Grains, Artificial Flavors And/Or Preservatives


You can almost be 100% certain your canine will love Open Farm’s dehydrated cod skins. And for good reasons; It is high in protein and made from just one source – 100% cod skins! This treat is a fantastic option for dogs with allergies, diabetic dogs, and overweight ones to shed and manage their calorie levels. 

Warning here: You may find the scent of the Open Farm dehydrated cod skin particularly pungent, but your dog would love it!

The treat made with sustainable wild-caught Alaskan cod from responsible fisheries contains no glycerin, grains, artificial flavors, preservatives, or growth hormones. 

PureBites Chicken Breast Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats


  • 100% Pure And Rich In Nutrients
  • Freeze Dried Raw To Lock In The Aroma, Texture And Freshness
  • High In Protein With On Average 3 Calories Per Treat.


One of the few one-ingredient treats on the market, Purebites Chicken Breast Dogs treats is highly recommended for diabetic canines. Your dog will enjoy the chicken breast, Trail Mix, Ocean Whitefish and beef flavors! Each treat contains less than 10 calories, so you’ll be able to reward your furry friends more often than most regular treats would allow. 

The treats are freeze-dried, and this means there is less destruction of the nutritional integrity – a good thing for your canine’s health. The one-ingredient treat does not also contain preservatives, colorings, fillers, artificial flavors, growth hormones or glutens. 

The locked-in flavor and freshness from freeze-drying will make them even more appealing to your canine. So, if you’re looking to get a pure and rich treat for your diabetic dog, a dog on a restricted diet or one overweight, Purebites is a great option.

For puppies, you may consider breaking them into smaller pieces, but it’s unnecessary. The chewing movement is great for their teeth – for plaque prevention and reduction in dental visits and bills. However, keep an eye on them to prevent choking, especially if you’re serving the treats whole.

Choosing the Best Diabetic Dog Treats – How We Picked

We began by selecting from a list of best diabetic dog treats available at pet stores and major online retailers like Amazon and Chewy. We also looked at past recommendations from dog experts and vets, as well as our own experiences. From those, we got just what we needed to look for on our final list of the best diabetic dog treats. 

Zero Artificial Colorings, Flavors or Preservatives

In most regular dog treats, preservatives are a major and even an expected ingredient to ensure they keep for longer. However, these are harmful in the long run and so are colors and artificial flavors. Now, with our pets, especially the diabetic ones, we want to be super-careful to avoid messing up their already compromised health. Hence, we picked our best diabetic dog treats in favor of those with natural preservatives like tocopherols/ascorbic acids or none at all. 

Identifiable and Safe Protein Products

Cutting out additives was only one process; We ensured that the major ingredients in every treat that would make our list were of top quality. This meant that we had to cut out those with fillers or by-products such as viscera, bones, beaks, etc. You know animal parts you’d never eat. 

While these weren’t exactly bad, assessing their quality can be hard besides being high in contents that may be inherently bad for diabetic dogs. So, the best thing was avoiding these altogether. 

Nutrient-Dense Ingredients

Treats that relied heavily on grains like corn, wheat, or soy had to be removed from our list (emphasis on “heavily”). The last thing a diabetic dog needs is a treat high in carbs and they commonly use these grains as fillers – in place of healthier energy sources like veggies and real meat. Because of the reasons above, we gave priority to brands with nutrient-rich carbs when necessary. 

We also trimmed out brands that relied on artificial sweeteners like processed sugars – these are not the kinds of ingredients our diabetic dogs need. 

Flavors Canines Would Love

It wasn’t just about finding a treat that was healthy enough to make our list of the best diabetic dog treats; It was also about finding treats that the pets can also enjoy. And so, we did it; We came up with a list of treats that tasted just as good as they were healthy for diabetic dogs. 

Note This: while we did our best to make sure our picks are safe enough for diabetic dogs, the specific caloric limitations will largely depend on your dog and the severity of his or her diabetes. This is why the best recommendations in terms of how many treats your dog can enjoy at a go or a day will have to be decided by your vet. 

Final Thoughts

There are tons of options for dog parents on the search for the best diabetic dog treats, even though we listed just five. You can make more picks by following the same guidelines above. Also, because they make some of these treats from easily sourced products, you can choose to make your own healthy dog treats. 

If you can’t stick with a high-quality product, do well to consult with your vets before purchasing and feeding treats to your dog. Yes, even for products with the tons of glowing reviews – particularly when a diabetic dog is involved.

User reviews are great for pointing us in the right direction most times, but canines differ and your “good” intentions could worsen things for your dog and you don’t want that.

Tried any of the treats on our list? How did your dog enjoy it? Got questions or inquiries about these treats? Let us know in the comments.