Best Dog Proof Litter Boxes in 2020: Top 5 Reviewed

If you have cats and dogs living in the same household, chances are you might have caught your dog attempting to get inside the litter box and eat their droppings. This is rather odd and might annoy you, but there is a reason behind their behavior.

Usually, cats don't absorb and digest their dietary protein from their food. Therefore their feces has a high protein content. This means that your dogs find nutritional value in eating their excrement. This odd behavior is called coprophagia and can lead to further health issues if your dogs continue to follow this trend.

Fortunately, there are dog proof litter boxes that can help you prevent your dog from tampering with your cat’s droppings. And we’ll show you the top 5 products available to ensure that your cat can release their waste safely without causing harm to your dog.

The Best Dog Proof Cat Litter Boxes Available to Keep Your Canine Friend at Bay

Product Name

Key Features

Our Rating

Clean-step ramp.

Fits up to 15lbs.

Minimizes litter tracking.

Handle for comfortable carrying.

Stain & odor resistant material.

Removable top.

50% larger than average box.

Ramped design.

Covered for cleanliness.

Perfect for 2 cats.

Locking tabs.

Multiple compartments.

Adjustable outer hole.


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5. ​Designer Pet Products Dog Proof Litter Box


  • Durable, lead-free, non-toxic paint
  • Hydraulic safety hinge
  • Multiple Compartments
  • Adjustable outer hole to prevent dogs from entering
  • Elegant and stylish wainscoting


The Designer Pet Products Catbox is a high-quality litter box that's designed to keep your felines in and curious dogs out. With this litter box, it has a metal hook which can be used to help you pick up litter droppings with ease. You can buy this product on Amazon at a price around $135.

The Catbox comes in two different compartments. The first section is a small hole where your cat can enter discretely from the side of the cabinet. Also, this is where accessories such as the litter scoop is stored, which makes it easier to clean.

Its second compartment is where the litter box is placed and has a staggered entrance and an internal panel. This prevents the litter box from getting knocked over on the floor. It has an outer hole that can be positioned on the left or the right.

Overall, the Designer Pet Products Catbox is a great choice if you want to improve your cat’s hygiene. It comes with detailed instructions and is easily assembled so your pet can use it immediately.


  • Perfect for 2+ cats
  • Odor resistant carbon filter
  • Locking tabs
  • Includes Magic Blue Litter Box Filter


Next, the Hagen Hooded Cat Litter Box is a small litter pan that provides a solution to scattered litter that's caused by the pawing, tracking, and burying of litter. It also helps reduce the potty smell in your home due to the multiple filters stored in the box. Buy this on Amazon at a price around $27.

Customers with larger cats find this box extremely useful. With its large dimension size (22" L x 17"W x 18" H), your cat can move around and stand comfortably in this small space. Also, customers who had two or more cats were able to reduce the number of litter boxes needed to keep their cats clean.

Let's face it, cat litter has a special aroma, especially after your cat has finished dropping its waste. Cat owners like the carbon filter that helps reduce this aroma and stops it from spreading throughout the room.

What makes this product stand out from the competition is its durability. Unlike other litter pans that are constructed out of thin plastic, the Hagen Hooded Cat Litter Box has a thicker plastic litter pan which helps when carrying and dumping your cat’s droppings. This helps prolong its usefulness and aid you in cleaning out the box with ease.

Basically, the Hagen Hooded Cat Litter Box a versatile litterbox that's known for its odor-reducing capabilities. When using it, your cat will be able to stay inside the box and handle their business discreetly. Get this if you want to keep your cat's droppings in one disclosed area and easily clean it up within minutes.


  • 50% larger than the average litter box
  • Covered for cleanliness and privacy
  • Built-in handle
  • Includes 1 liner & 1 charcoal filter
  • Ramp catches your cat’s litter


Third on our list is the Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome. It comes with a ramp that helps catch your cat’s litter and stops it from overflowing. If you’re looking for this litter box, you can buy it on Amazon at a price about $33.

You'll find it easy to clean this unit. It has a smooth surface that can be washed with mild soap that's on a sponge. The base's round shape makes scooping litter from the bottom a bit difficult, but it isn't a big deal to most cat owners. If you have a smaller scoop that has a rounded edge, the cleaning issue is pretty much nonexistent.

The Clean Step has a base and dome piece that's fitted together but doesn't lock or snap. The base's top edge fits on the bottom edge section of the dome. You can remove the top base to scoop out the box, and you won't find any difficulty placing it back in place.

It comes with a handle that assists users with removing the base. However, you can’t carry it by the handle - only the dome can be used to transport this dog proof litter box.

Consumers also like that the litter box’s top edge is overlapping the bottom piece. This prevents your cat’s liquids from leaking out of the box. We suggest that you keep the dome securely fitted on base to keep your cat’s urine from. This makes it a great litter box if your cat aims high when they’re urinating.

For owners who are concerned about their cat’s hygiene, the should get the Petmate Clean Litter Dome. It places itself ahead of rival products due to its dome-shaped outer covering, easy to clean plastic, and enlarged size. Once you buy this litter box, you won't have to worry about your dog tampering in their private space again.


  • Clean-step ramp
  • Sifting Scoop
  • Fits cats up to 15 lbs
  • Minimizes litter tracking
  • Hinged Top for Easy Access


The Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan looks similar to a Rubbermaid storage bin. It consists of perforated holes that help the litter stay inside the box. If you’re interested in this box, you can find it on Amazon at a price around $17.

The main reason why owners like this litter box is due to its top-entry design. This prevents dogs from entering the box and accidentally eating your cat’s droppings. With its enclosed covering, it minimizes odors and keeps them contained in one area.

Since the litter box has a hinged lid, you can clean it faster than other products. It has a litter pan which comes with a slotted top cover. This allows the litter to fall into the pan once your cat is finished.

Additionally, the Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan has a new design with a flat base. This is an improvement of their older “grooved base” design which was difficult for owners to clean up. Simply scoop up your cat’s litter to ensure that the box remains clean.

If you want a good litter box that helps your cat maintain their hygiene, then the Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan is your best bet. Not only does it minimize litter tracking, but also its simple design stops any leaks from coming out of the box. Buy it if you want to reduce the time it takes to clean your cat’s waste faster than other products.

  • Specifications:
  • Odor & stain resistant plastic
  • Durable design
  • Anti-tracking top surface
  • Handle for easy carrying and travelling


Last on our list is the AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box. This box has a plastic swinging door which makes it easy for any cat to get inside. You can find this on Amazon at a price about $26.

One thing consumers like about this litter box is its front open section. This section has a transparent front that helps take care of your cat when they’re inside the box. It gives them a comfortable space and keeps them relaxed while they are dropping their waste.

This litterbox's main feature is its snap on hood. It helps remove odors and litter from reaching your floor. The enclosed pan gives your cat the privacy it needs, and its non-stick surface helps you remove their waste without any issue.

And, the AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box is made of premium PP material. The side clips keep the box closed when it's in use. Due to its strong material, you can use this litter box for many years before needing a replacement.

A lot of cat owners like the AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box because of its durability and overall simplicity. When it comes to cleaning out the box, it is remarkably quick, which is great for first-time cat owners. You should look into this litter box if you have limited space in your home and need a safe and private bathroom for your cat.


We believe that the Petmate Top Entry Litter Box is the winner. Its hinged top is designed to stop dogs from entering the litter box. And it's built in scoop hook helps you remove their waste without too much effort. To conclude, if you're serious about having a clean and healthy cat, then you should get this dog proof cat litter box while supplies last!