5 Reasons Why CBD Could Be Good for Your Cat

Even though more and more studies continue to prove CBD’s health benefits, the compound is still largely shrouded in controversy. Derived from the cannabis plant, the psychoactive effects are what many have come to associate this very valuable compound with – untrue as CBD differs from THC, the compound responsible for the “highs” associated with the cannabis plant. 

CBD has been shown to help relieve many health conditions in humans, such as epilepsy, inflammations, arthritic pains, anxiety, and some say even cancer (although this has not been proven). But did you know CBD offers this same benefit to animals? Yes, felines as well! If you didn’t, well, now you know! CBD has been shown to provide the same benefits it offers humans to animals. 

Various reports from pet owners have successfully dealt with difficult pet issues by using CBD. Still not convinced that your cat may benefit from CBD? In this article, we’ll run through some reasons CBD might be helpful to your cat when dosed correctly.

How CBD Could Benefit Your Cat

Fear and Anxiety Relief

Just like us, excessive anxiety can keep our felines from enjoying a full and happy life, even leading to issues like wrong littering habits which can become destructive if left untreated.

Other situations that may cause stress and anxiety for your cat include environmental changes, the addition of other pets to the family without proper introductions, poor relationship with humans and many other health problems or disorders.
These behaviors can be distressing for you as the pet owner, and you may have to alter your lifestyle or schedule to give it extra attention. Or worse, you may not even be aware of these problems in time and that could escalate the problem and even create a feeling of displacement in your pet. 

Because cats also have the endocannabinoid system, CBD can help in these cases. According to many studies, CBD can help to alleviate stress and anxiety levels by regulating cortisol production – a stress hormone, and interacting with the brain’s receptors responsible for mood control and neurological regulation.

When taken, CBD drastically reduces the stress level while the brain’s fight-or-flight response is also improved and what you’ll have is a much happier and more active cat.

We also have an article here regarding how to tame a scared kitten so you can try pairing CBD alongside these tips.

Appetite Stimulation

A healthy eating habit is essential for your pet’s overall wellbeing. If your cat suddenly stops eating as before, there are many possible causes, including dental problems, mood disorders, or a symptom of other health conditions.

Eating habits can indicate an underlying condition, and once you’re able to identify it, you’re steps away from resolving it.

Commonly though, a change in appetite could be from a diet change, changes in the feeding schedule, or more serious medical conditions. Although these issues can vary, CBD can help bring relief from these issues.

Research has also shown that CBD can be helpful for boosting your pet’s appetite while also being antiemetic and anti-nausea.

In one study on lab mice, hunger hormones were turned on in animals that had been made to ingest cannabis vapor. This was shown to rid pets of nausea and also alter eating behaviors that may have been a problem before CBD ingestion.

5 Reasons Why CBD Could Be Good for Your Cat

Improved General Wellbeing 

Want your cat feeling at its best at all times? CBD may be just the answer you seek. CBD is known to boost appetite in pets, and because of that, pet owners who use the compound may have no problem at all getting their feline friends to eat well. The result is a balanced eating habit and healthier felines because they get all the nourishment required for their overall wellbeing.

Also, CBD has been reported to promote bowel motility, so waste is easily removed from the system. 

Because CBD provides a natural relief for many conditions, it can improve your felines overall quality of life and keep it at its best for longer. 

CBD May Help In Epileptic Seizures/Convulsions

Felines, just like humans, can suffer from seizures triggered by underlying health issues. They could vary in severity and frequencies. Usually, though, seizures may occur when there is an abnormal level of electrochemical activity in the brain. This is often because of severe brain damage or some other related brain conditions. Although further research is required on CBD use to treat feline epilepsies, studies on the subject are on the rise, and they seem to hold a lot of promise.

One of such is a 2015 study carried out by the American Epilepsy Society in which findings indicated that CBD was effective at lessening the frequency and gravity of seizures, with a 45.1% average reduction rate. So, if your cat suffers from seizures, CBD, a naturally occurring compound with little or no side effects, can help you finally rid your home of the often adverse effects-packed pharmaceuticals.

Pain Relieving/Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Your cat may benefit from one of CBD’s well-known properties – anti-inflammatory. If your cat suffers from debilitating pains as a result of conditions like arthritis or other related chronic diseases, it may benefit from CBD.

Research has shown that CBD works excellently as a pain reliever and, therefore, may improve mobility in pets dealing with these conditions. There are no known side effects, and many pet owners attest to this from experiences with their pets.

Final Words

Although more studies are needed on the subject, pet owners are attesting daily to the benefits they saw for themselves from using CBD oil for their pets. Many continue to share these results with others.

However, before using CBD oil for your cat, it is a good idea to discuss the benefits and dosage with your vet. Also, ensure the product you get is produced by a licensed and reputable dispenser. Not all are created the same. Some may even contain more than the allowed levels of THC (0.3% or less is recommended), which can cause adverse effects. And you don’t want your cat “high”, do you?

Had any experience with CBD for cats? How effective was it, and in what dosage? Please share in the comments.

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