Must-Have Accessories for Your Dog

If you own a pet dog or have ever been around someone who owns one, you'll agree that caring for a dog can seem like caring for a small child. They need a lot of love, attention and to be well looked after. As with children, there is an array of things available to help make your job easier and to make your pooch's life more comfortable.

We've outlined in this article some must-have dog accessories that will have your dog's tail wagging with delight. Some of these will also benefit you and help make caring for your dog a less stressful job. Read on and drop your question or opinions in the comments.

Recommended Accessories for your Pooch

Cozy Vest

In cold months, a dog coat can make a world of difference, and that is besides just being a stylish accessory you’ll love seeing on your dog. A cozy vest helps to ensure that your dog stays warm in the cold winter months while looking chic. Most are also reversible, and this makes them suitable for any event.

A good cozy vest attaches right under your dog’s belly, and unless you do not get the correct size for him, a comfortable vest will not cause any rubbing or friction.

Be aware, though, that a cozy vest made of good fleece material will not come cheap, but then again, it’s your dog, and it is worth it buying if it helps it keep warm, right?

Many pet owners who we know have bought these cozy vests for their pets have praised their effectiveness at just how warm and toasty it keeps their dogs in cold temperatures.

Canine Shower

Not many dogs enjoy shower time; very few actually do. But you can’t leave them with all of that dirt and grime after a long week of rolling in the mud and tearing down the garbage. They need to be thoroughly cleaned up, and a shower store is just the right place for that.

A great shower is designed for canines of all sizes (its removable shelving system allows for that) and most feature integrated leashes and water jet nozzles for a deep and thorough clean.

CBD Extract

If you own a canine that suffers from seizures, separation anxiety, chronic pain, or any other mood disorder, CBD is one essential product you should have in your dog supplies. 

Found in the cannabis plant, CBD (cannabidiol) offers both humans and pets several medicinal benefits without causing the high that THC (another compound in the cannabis plant) is known for.

The extract is commonly used by applying directly into meals or placing a few drops in their mouths once or twice daily. 

Grooming Supplies

What is a dog without a grooming supply? Don’t even try to imagine it. Your dog needs to be groomed regularly with the right tools. The most essential grooming products are:

  • the bristle brush
  • blow dryer
  • conditioning spray
  • shampoo (ensure it is suitable for your dogs' skin)
  • cotton balls
  • nail clippers
  • scissors
  • ear cleaning solutions.

If you can afford it, we would recommend purchasing professional tools. Even though the initial outlay may be expensive, they will last longer and are of much higher quality.

Read our guide here on how to groom a dog at home.

Water-resistant Dog Shoes

If you want to keep your rugs free from little paw stains, especially after rainfall, then these shoes will be what you need. While it will take some getting used to for your canine, it is most definitely worth it. Plus it will completely protect your dog’s paws from the elements.

Freezing ice and salted sidewalks, for example, can be particularly harmful to your canine’s paws, but with a durable shoe, he is fully guarded and can walk whenever he wants (if you allow him, that is)

The shoes come in up to eight sizes, are made with durable rubber, and are designed with gripping traction at the bottom and velcro for an excellent fit.

Older dogs will benefit even more from these shoes, especially if worn inside, giving them traction on slippery tiles and hardwood floors.

Most dog owners who bought these shoes rave about how it helps protect their animals all year round from scalding hot pavements and salted icy streets.

From our own experience, it can take dogs a while to get used to them, but it becomes like second nature for them once they are.

GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor 

A pet GPS tracker is one accessory your dog should own. This is especially needed for dogs that like to sneak or wriggle out of collars. They are also useful if you want peace of mind when your dog is away because a GPS pet tracker offers you an exact location of where your dog is at all times. 

Usually, just a few inches wide and light in weight, a pet GPS tracker is attached to a pet’s collar causing no discomfort. You can track the device anywhere; however, you may need to buy a monthly service plan to keep it running.

We know many pet owners who have been reunited them their pets because of these devices. While you hope your dog never goes missing, you want to do everything you can to increase your chances of reconnecting with it if this ever happens.

If you own a dog who is always plotting an escape, or you’re worried it may leave and never find its way back, these devices are worth considering and certainly, worth the peace of mind you’ll enjoy.

Cooling Vests

Dogs do not fare well in hot environments, and if you own a brachycephalic breed, you’ll agree that this is particularly true. But what can you do if you live in a hot climate or have to withstand the almost unbearable summer heat? 

You get a cooling vest! While you can withstand the heat, your furry friend has to be kept cool at all times. This can be achieved with a cooling vest. 

Most cooling vests are easy to use; Simply soak in cold water before you take your dog out, and as the water dissipates, the vest lowers your canine’s temperature and keeps it cool. 

Cooling vests come in several sizes and attach to the belly and chest, so find one that is the right fit for your dog. Some even come with a reflective piece for extra safety at all hours of the day.

The cooling vest is a must-have if you live in a hot climate or own a highly heat-sensitive breed like the Frenchtons.

Identification Tags

Your dog requires an identification tag. This will help neighbors or others who find it realize that it is not a stray and even contact you to arrange your reconciliation.

Pet Drinking Fountain

Like us, our pets need to stay hydrated, and a fresh source of water is a delight to anyone, yes even dogs. With a pet drinking fountain, your dog will want to drink as much water as it can because he is assured of getting a fresh supply every time.

Most pet drinking fountains are designed with sonar proximity to detect when your dog is a few feet away, and this enables your dog to enjoy fresh, clean drinking water throughout the day, even when you’re away.

Ceramic/stainless Food and Water Bowls

Unlike plastic food bowls, your dog can not chew ceramic or stainless bowls. These bowls come in different sizes; get only the appropriate size for your dog. Too large, and your dog will struggle to reach its meals. 

Orthopedic Dog Bed

Dogs sleep an average of 12 – 14 every day. And with growing puppies or aging dogs, you can expect them to sleep even more.  If they spend so much time sleeping, isn't it only right that we make them as comfortable as possible? Yes, it is!

A good bed provides your dog with the firm support it needs to lie comfortably without pain, and for aging dogs, an orthopedic bed is essential. Most of these beds come with a waterproof fleece cover and are also machine-washable for easy maintenance.

A Snuggly Towel 

Though part of a dog’s grooming supplies, it deserves a place of its own. It’s not uncommon to see your dog run to the couch or your bed with a soaking wet body after a bath. Like a robe, a snuggly towel is attached to your dog’s body to keep it dry even while your dog is in motion.

The towels come in different sizes and colors, and you’ll find one that will fit your dog, whether large or small.

Want to save your couch, rugs, and beds from getting drenched by an impatient pet? Then the towel is a must-have. While some are highly priced, they are worth it and are usually of good quality if you buy from the right brand.

Float Coat/Jacket

If you enjoy taking trips to the river or lake with your dog, you can count on this gear to keep your pet safe in the water. The float coat is durable, and most are designed with reflectors for increased visibility and an easy-to-grab handle to pull your pet to safety. 

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