Best Electric Litter Boxes in 2020: Top 5 Reviewed

Cleaning up after your cat can be an incredibly mundane and tiresome job. It can also be quite stressful if you have a particularly messy cat that throws its litter everywhere before walking it through the house. If you're a busy individual who struggles to find time to maintain a litter box, this nuisance is even more unwelcome.

Luckily, a solution is already available to reduce the time taken to maintain your cat's hygiene. This solution comes in the form of electric litter boxes. Instead of cleaning out your cat’s litter box every day, an automated litter box reduces the frequency of upkeep to every couple of weeks.

Self-cleaning litter boxes work well for those with a “set it and forget it” mentality. The better ones will keep the odor at bay as well as keep the waste out of sight. These types of boxes vary widely in price, but it is possible to find a fantastic one for a good price, even under $100. Below we have ranked the top five best electric litter boxes available on Amazon. 

The Best Electric Self Cleaning Litter Boxes That Make Your Job Easier

Product Name

Key Features

Granule Type

Our Rating

Uses 5-10x litter.

Only box to use disposable litter trays.


Antimicrobial product protection.

Cleans and scoops after each use.


Low power consumption.

Extremely quiet in operation.


Quick and easy set up.

High sided walls to prevent litter spillage.


Control horrible odors.

Quick and easy set up.


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5. LitterMaid Single Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box


  • Automatically removes waste
  • Controls horrible odors
  • Paw cleaning ramp
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Allows different settings


​This electric litter box from Littermaid is the first of two from this manufacturer on our list. Designed for single cat households, or cats under 15lb, this is a very strong and sturdy litterbox. Setup is simple which will leave you with a lot more time for playing with your pet instead of cleaning.

Once the setup of this litter box is complete, you'll be thrilled with how this unit operates. Ran by timed sensors, this box knows when to start its cleaning process. It has a 10-second timer to allow for the fact that your cat may be entering and leaving the box quickly. Once the 10 seconds are up, then this litterbox starts its self-cleaning process.

​One of the best benefits of this box is it comes with adjustable cleaning, so you can program the box to clean more or less frequently based on your preferences.

​The only thing this litterbox doesn't do is empty itself. Still, disposing of the waste is easy thanks to the waste receptacles, making much less mess than an ordinary litter box. There is also a ramp which keeps litter from being carried out on the cat’s feet and around the house.

Overall, if you have a cat that fits the criteria for this box, then it is worth serious consideration.


  • Great for multicat households or large cats
  • High sided walls to prevent litter spillage
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Features 4 carbon filters and 4 sealed waste receptacles


This is the second electric cat litter box on our list that is produced by Littermaid. The unit is very similar to the other one, but it caters for multicat households instead of single cat homes. It also can hold felines over 15 pounds unlike the smaller version of this litter box.

The way this box can accommodate for larger, or multiple cats, is by being bigger as you would expect. It is extra-large in length with high side walls and is almost double the size in width compared to the standard box. Even though it is bigger, you may be surprised to find out that both boxes are relatively similar in weight. So if you just wanted something roomier for a single cat, then this is still easily moveable. 

Size isn't the only difference between this litter box and the previous Littermaid unit in our top 5. While it works in exactly the same way, by motion-detecting sensors, this has an added feature. A safety bar is included to stop the cleaning rake in case of a blockage. Sometimes the litterbox can automatically scoop up too much litter with the rake, but the bar prevents this from happening.

This is a fantastic choice for the cat owner with several cats and a very busy schedule. With the programmable cleaner, waste receptacles, and carpeted ramp, this litter box makes clean-up quick and easy. We should also mention that this box comes ready made so it's ready for setup straight away. Very handy!


  • Uses less litter than other similar boxes
  • Only needs to be cleaned every 2 weeks
  • Low power consumption
  • For single cat households
  • Extremely quiet when in operation


This unit from PetSafe is one of the cheaper electric litter boxes on our list. It comes in at under $100, but it does not compromise on quality because of it. Not only does this litter box cost you less than others, it will save you money in the long term. This is because it uses less clumping litter than other litter boxes which means you don't have to buy it as often. 

As well as saving you money, this product can save you another critical thing, time. There is waste bin is attached to the side of the box which you can line with plastic bags. This means cleaning up is easier and far less time-consuming. Instead of spending time scrubbing out your cat's litter that can get stuck to the side of the bin, you can replace the bag, and you're good to go again.

The way this model operates differs from most other electrically operated litter box systems. Others usually work on motion detection, meaning they will only start cleaning once the cat has been detected in the box. This, however, cleans itself all throughout the day. There is a moving bowl which rotates, making one full rotation per hour. Do not worry about noisiness though as this box is incredibly quiet. 

To summarise, if you're looking for a litter box that is automated, cheap and time-saving, this is a great option. It also comes with a 1-year warranty as an added bonus if you are not satisfied with it. We think you will be though.


  • Works with your cat's favorite litter 
  • Automatically cleans and scoops after each use
  • Antimicrobial product protection controls odors
  • Ideal for multi-cat households


This litter box is one of the more expensive on the list, but we rate it second best for a reason. While the Nature's Miracle Nature's Miracle Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box looks fairly basic, it does its job well.

Firstly, this unit will cut down on your maintenance time by about 1/8 compared to a standard litter box. The cartridge will need to be changed about once a week, but still, you save a lot of time. This gives you more time for the important things, like playing with your furry friend.

One thing cat owners always worry about when purchasing an electric litter box is the noise. This box goes about cleaning itself in a very quiet and efficient manner. You won't have to worry about it being a nuisance to your everyday life. Also, your cat will not be startled by a loud machine in action, potentially putting it off from using it.

Many consumers have remarked that this litter box looks just like a rebranded Littermaid. While very similar in terms of specifications, there are a few marked differences. For starters, this box is more sizeable, but only marginally. It also has a sleep feature to set to stop it working for 9 hours, thus saving you money on energy bills. Lastly, you can also set a delay on the box for when the cat exits. Something you cannot do on the Littermaid. This means you can decide what time the box should begin its cleaning process after your cat departs.

If you're concerned that you have not read anything about this unit's ability to keep smells away, do not fret. The carbon filters and odor control receptacles make sure all bad smells are kept at bay. 


  • Plastic tray lining to prevent leakage
  • Low tacking crystal cat litter that does not stick
  • Uses 5-10x less litter than other boxes
  • Only box to use disposable litter trays making it super hygienic 


Our pick for the best self-cleaning electric litter box is this product from PetSafe. It is available for around $130 which is around the average price for this kind of litter box. It is number one on our list due to the number of unique features it packs in considering its reasonable price.

This litter box is made to fit cats of any size. Whether you have a Maine Coon or a Singapura, any breed of cat will feel comfortable using this tray. It is perhaps not big enough to hold multiple cats, but the price is reasonable enough for you to get more than one box. This would depend on the size of your cat/cats though.

Setting up this unit is surprisingly easy. It takes only a minute and then you won't need to touch it again for a few weeks. This is because the box has sensors that detect when your cat has used the box, which in turn then starts a timer. This timer then gives the litter time to absorb the waste before it is moved away by the rake. After the few weeks of use, you simply take out the disposable tray, put the lid on it and throw it away for a fast, hygienic cleanup.

Hygiene is where this litter box really excels. The number one concern of cat owners when deciding to get a cat is whether they make the home smell. Thankfully due to technology this is rarely a problem nowadays, but this box takes it one step further. As well as the disposable litter trays which we have already mentioned, this box features crystal cat litter. Crystal cat litter absorbs urine better than standard litter, and it also dehydrates solid waste leaving your home smell free. The crystals are low tracking as well, meaning that you will not find any mess on the floor in your house.

This box is our favorite electric kitty litter box and customer reviews would also back us up. The effectiveness at its price makes this box a great purchase for those looking for a quality product without wanting to spend too much.


For the cat owner who would like less hassle when it comes to cleaning up cat waste, electric litter boxes are a great choice. They only need to be emptied every week to two weeks, and most models also save you on purchasing litter in the long haul. A self-cleaning litter box can be a smart purchase for the busy cat owner that will help lessen the load of a packed day. With all the added features many have as well, these types of boxes, especially those featured on our list, are well worth the price.