Best Large Cat Litter Box in 2024: Top 5 Review

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Buying the right size litter box for your cat's needs is very important, but this is often not done correctly. Many cat owners buy a regular size litter box at the store for their cat and then suffer the consequences.

If a cat uses a litter box that is too small for it, the chances of the waste ending up outside the litter box increase. Many cats also like to dig around in the litter, and if the box is too small, the litter can end up all over the floor. This then leads to the cat treading the litter around the home.

The best option is to get a large cat litter box to suit the larger cat. The great thing about this type of box is that they also cater for multiple cat households. There are many great cheap options available on the internet, with Chewy having one of the vaster selections. We have made the buying process easier and compiled a list which ranks the top five for you.

Product Name

Key Features


Our Rating

- Ideal for multiple cats.

- Simple to assemble.

- Filter removes odors.

56.9 x 43.2 x 46.5 cm

- Comes with scoop.

3 tall walls.

- Sturdy feet to keep tray in position.

19 x 15 x 11.8 inches

- Easy clean spout.

- High sided.

23 x 18.5 x 11 inches

- Stain resistant.

- Odor resistant.

- Can house multiple cats.

17.5 x 15 x 9 inches

- Stylish design.

- Easy to clean.

- Ramp to stop litter tracking.

20 x 24 x 19 inches

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5. Booda Clean Step Litter Dome

Booda Dome Cleanstep Litter Box


  • Cover allows privacy and ensures cleanliness
  • Stylish igloo design
  • Ramp catches litter and prevents mess
  • Carbon filter cuts down smells and deodorises unwanted odors
  • Constructed of easy to clean plastic 


The igloo-shaped Petmate Clean Step litter box from Booda is an excellent choice. It is especially so for homes that have cats that like to dig and for preventing litter from being spread throughout the home. It comes in four different colors, ranging from a light Pearl to a dark Titanium, at varying prices. The pictured Brushed Nickel design is available for only $33.99.

With this large cat litter box being enclosed, your cat can dig to its heart’s content without litter being thrown out of the box. Also, there is a clever ramp that leads into the litter box that is made to catch the litter on your cat’s feet as it walks out.

It is 50% larger than most standard litter boxes, and it has a carbon filter to help handle the odors. The type of plastic it has been built with also ensures that cleaning it is hassle-free.

Overall, the combination of a beautiful sleek design and the affordable price make Booda Clean Step litter box a fantastic option. This is before you even consider that a charcoal filter and a liner are included as part of the package.

Van Ness High Sides Cat Litter Pan, Blue


  • Polished finish
  • Resistant to stains and odors
  • Ideal for households with multiple or large cats


Up next, the Van Ness Giant High Sides Cat Litter box has a simple design, yet it is very effective at its price. It is the same shape as a normal litterbox except it is much larger and with higher sides. It is available on Chewy for the small cost of $10.99.

Customers have commended this box mainly for its ability to hold more than one cat due to its ample size. This is also the case for customers with cats that are on the larger side. Cats need room to move around, and regular sized boxes can cause problems for big felines. This box provides a solution to that conundrum.

Not only is this litter box for multiple or larger cats, the way it is made is also perfect for cats that love to dig. Nobody likes having to clean up after their cat, and the high sides on this make it great for preventing the customary spillage.

Odors and stains are always a concern for cat owners when buying litter boxes, but there isn't any need to worry here. The way this box has been manufactured means that it is resistant to both problems.

The Van Ness Giant High Sides Cat Litter box may look fairly basic, and in many respects it is, but do not be fooled. This is easily one of the biggest and best boxes available today, and the extra large size is what separates it from all others on the market. If you are looking for something with no frills, and at a low price, then look no further.

Nature's Miracle Just For Cats Advanced High Sided Cat Litter Box


  • High sided to keep litter from scattering 
  • Easy clean spout
  • Non stick surface ensuring simple cleaning


Taking up third place on our list is the Nature's Miracle High-Sided Litter Box. Much like the box above in fourth place, it is very simplistic in design, but it does the job required. If you’re intending to purchase this litter box, you can buy it on Chewy at a price around $14.

Whilst similar to other simple designs, the thing that sets this unit apart is the antimicrobial, nonstick surface. This feature takes hygiene to a new level when it comes to litter boxes. You can be sure that there will be no tough-to-remove stains leftover from your cat when it comes to cleaning this box.

Another feature of this pan that makes it different from other basic litter boxes is the low entrance. As cats get older, we know that they lose their movement, so it is essential to make things easy for them. It isn't just old age, cats are susceptible to leg injuries due to their daring nature. The opening to this box is so low that this would be great for cats who suffer any type of ailment.

The dimensions of this box come in at 23 x 18.5 x 11 inches. Whilst still a sizeable litter pan, it is slightly smaller than others which advertise themselves as large cat litter boxes. Still, this should comfortably be spacious enough to allow any large cat to enter it. Consumers have mentioned that fitting two cats in it may be a tight squeeze, however.

Cats can be costly creatures so keeping costs as low as possible is always a priority for most owners. Many a consumer has commented about the durability and life expectancy of this product. With this box said to last upwards of five years, this makes it a really good investment for its price.

To summarise, Nature's Miracle High-Sided Litter Box is another simple no hassle litter box for the cat owner who wants a good cheap product. Pair this box with a good brand of litter, and the combination will make cat care much easier.

IRIS Open Top Litter Box with Shield & Scoop


  • Includes matching litter scoop
  • Fits neatly in all types of spaces
  • Three extra tall walls and deep litter pan
  • Sturdy feet to keep tray in place


The IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box Kit with Shield and Scoop is a great starter litter box. It is incredibly cheap but incredibly effective. Combining both sturdiness with a functional, appealing design, you can pick this up for as little as $13 on Chewy.

A key reason as to why this box is loved by cat lovers is the design. Most other litter boxes that are intended for large cats have high sides, as this one does. What puts this a level above though is the well thought out shield design around the perimeter. The inward curving edges of this box add a much need extra layer of prevention to the nuisance of litter scattering. Nobody likes cleaning up more than they should, and the structure here ensures that prospect is greatly reduced.

Another pet hate of cat owners is the litter box being knocked around when the cat leaves its tray. This annoyance has obviously been taken into consideration by the manufactures when making this unit. A recessed bottom and molded-in feet allow this box to fit into all spaces and secure it there. No more finding the box halfway across the room.

An additional bonus is thrown in with this large cat litter box, in the way of a matching litter scoop. What is great about this is it can attach to anywhere on the box. This is yet another plus to the way this box was designed.

Although the IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box comes in at the cheapest on the list, it does not lack in quality. If you are after something that is inexpensive but does the job to a very high standard, then this is the product for you.

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan


  • Hood can be raised for easy cleaning
  • Ideal for multi cat households
  • Very simple to assemble
  • carbon-impregnated filter to trap and removes odors


Finally on our list is the Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter box. This box allows your cat or cats plenty of room to take care of their business. They will not be crowded and they will be afforded the privacy they need to do their business. This is the most expensive on the list with it being available on Chewy for around $30.  We will explain why, despite the price, it takes the number one spot.

Now when Catit describes this box as jumbo, they really mean it. Buyers of this litter box have remarked at how roomy it is. It can easily fit one large cat with lots of leftover room, or it can hold upwards of two cats. The size of your cats will obviously determine how many of them will fit into this box though.

Just because a box is jumbo in size does not automatically make it a good litter box right? Well, the size is just the tip of the iceberg with this unit. Firstly it is made so that cleaning is as pain-free as it can possibly be. The hood can be raised off to allow for easy access when it's cleaning time while a built-in bag anchor assists in keeping the bag open which gives you free hands to scoop.

One thing on the litterbox that is not on other litter boxes on this list is the flap. Every cat owners fear is that their home will smell due to the litter trays which may put them off inviting guests over. The flap is very clever in that when it is closed, it holds all odors inside of the box. Some buyers of this unit have commented that it can be stiff at first. After a few uses though, it swings freely like any other flap that you may have such as in your kitchen door. The flap is also easily removable which is another reason why this box is so simple to clean.

This box also features a handle on the top. There is nothing too special about it, but it makes moving the box about very easy. It would also be useful if your cat sustains an injury and needs to visit a veterinary but does not want to leave its litterbox.

This Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter box is overall, in our eyes, the best litter box for large cats. Whether you are a first-time cat owner or have previous experience in caring for cats, this box needs to be seriously considered by all. The price may be higher than most others available, but when taking everything into account, you can see why.

Large Cat Litter Box Buying Guide

When buying any litter box, size is an important factor to consider. With a large cat, size becomes even more important. You want your feline comfortable enough to want to use the litter. Aside from poor or zero litter training, feline litter size can be the cause of most litter-related issues. In this section, therefore, I’ll outline some factors to consider when looking for the best large cat litter box and also share some general tips for using cat litter boxes. 


While a big cat needs an equally large litter, you should consider the space in your home before picking one.  Remember that you will need space for other things like their food and water bowls, toys and their other belongings. And no, these things cannot go inside the litter box no matter how spacious it may be. An empty room containing your cat’s other belongings is a great spot for the box especially an extra big one. Or if your bathroom permits and there isn't so much traffic around it, you can place the litter box in your bathroom. 

The Number of Cats in the Home

Each cat needs its own litter box. While we can train them to share, understand that cats are very private creatures and so would not appreciate being made to share. 

If you own more than one large cat, provide separate litter boxes for each of them. However, if the space in your home limits the number of litter boxes you can have, you should reduce the number or buy just one really big one from the list above. 

Is It Covered or Uncovered

While some felines couldn't care less if their litter boxes are uncovered or covered, you should consider the personality of your pet before settling for one. 

Cats are generally private animals and some are also timid. For these types of cat, a cat litter box with a cover might be the best option. 

Choosing whether to opt for an uncovered or a covered litter is something you have to decide as the pet parent. You know your cat best, and you are also the one who has to clean up after your cats. Whichever you settle for, make sure it is really big enough for your cat to use comfortably. 


You want the best litter box for your large cat but you also want to opt for an affordable litter box and of good quality. With a large cat breed, this is especially important. A poor quality litter box may cause you to spend more on replacements in the long run. 

However, you also do not want to splurge (if you can, why not?) on a litter box when you can find one that is both moderately priced and of good quality like the ones reviewed in this article. 

How Can I Control Odor in My Cat Litter Box? 

Most cat litter boxes will smell no matter the type or your feline’s toilet habits. However, you can keep the smell at a minimum by implementing certain cleaning methods.

To keep your home odor-free from your cat’s litter, you should clean up the litter every time your cat uses it.  You should also empty it at least once a week if you have just one cat using it. But if they are more than one, you should empty it more frequently. That said, how frequent you empty your cat litter can also be determined by the litter you pick as some can take more than a few uses before emptying. 


When looking for a large cat litter box, it is important to find one that is deep and not just greater in length and width than the average litter box. Some large litter boxes are big enough to accommodate a large cat but lack the appropriate depth to handle the digging and movement of the cat that can send litter flying. The litter boxes ranked above are all made for large cat and cats that like to dig, so all of them will meet your cat litter box needs.

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