How to Introduce a Hyper Dog to a Kitten

How to Introduce a Hyper Dog to a Kitten

If you have a super energetic dog at home and want to get a kitten to extend your family, then you may well have your work cut out. When you introduce a hyper dog to your adorable kitten, it is often not as straightforward as you would like. This is because dogs are very territorial and possessive at times. Introducing your new kitten to your existing hyper dog might require some work on your canine friend before you bring your kitten home.

Though cats are scared of dogs in general, when they are together, they eventually learn to be nice to each other, or they at least try to keep a peaceful environment in the house. The first thing that you should know is that kittens are different than dogs or puppies. Even though they both are territorial pets, unlike dogs, cats are more introverted, and they take time to get adjusted to a new environment.

On the other hand, dogs are social animals, and trying to teach your dog to play with your new kitten can be stressful, especially if your pooch is hyper. In this article, you will find some easy steps that can help you to make things simpler for both your dog and kitten, so without further ado, here is how you introduce your hyper dog to a kitten.

Helpful Ways to Introduce a Kitten to a Hyper Dog

Train Your Hyper Dog to Pay Attention

Making your dog listen to you is one of the significant steps, and it is important to teach your dog this skill, even if you are not getting a cat as a second pet. Super active dogs are curious in general, and most of the time, like to play with their human friend. However, it is not a good idea to play roughly with your dog as it can jeopardize you and your pet's safety.

Teach your dog small regular commands before you bring your beautiful kitten home. This step is essential because if you have not trained your dog to be in control, it may jump on, hurt, or scare the kitten.

Make sure to use positive support when you train your puppy or dog or know how to utilize an electric collar correctly. Dogs that are sterilized/ neutered are mostly not very aggressive, and they try to be friendly with other pets at home. However, to be on the safer side, do not leave your kitten and dog unsupervised, in any case, not until your kitten is old enough to take care of itself.

Note:  If your dog has a habit of getting aggressive or is raised for hunting, then you need to seriously consider if getting a kitten is really a good idea.

Introduce the Kitten While It Is Young

The ideal time to introduce a hyper dog to a kitten is when the young feline is between 5-7 weeks old. Kittens don't generally interact well with pets before that age. While this age may seem young still, if you leave it much longer, the kitten will become a lot more afraid in the presence of larger animals.  

It would be a good idea also if you find out if the kitten was socialized around dogs before you bring it home. This makes the whole introduction process so much easier. 

dog exercise

Ensure Your Dog Gets Exercise

I If your dog has taken a lot of exercise, then it will naturally become more tired and, subsequently, calmer. This means there is less possibility of your dog chasing a kitten away or intimidating it, so it is an ideal time to introduce your kitten. It is important to understand that it's best to socialize your dog when it is completely relaxed and offer him a treat if he is friendly with a kitten.

After bringing the kitten home, make sure to take your dog for long walks in the first few weeks or put him into high-intensity activity to tire him out. When he sees the kitten, he will not try to chase the kitten as he will not have the energy.

Teaching your dog to be obedient and training him with good physical exercise can also help your dog understand your commands. It will start to understand to follow instructions that aid him to obey whatever you say to him. This helps your dog and kitten mingle together harmoniously.

Puzzle toys are also an excellent way to ensure your dog is busy with something different other than the new kitty.

Keep the Kitten in a Different Room

Another way is to keep your dog and cat in different rooms. Find a place where your dog doesn't sleep and keep your new kitten in that room for safety.

One benefit of providing different rooms for kittens and dogs is not only to give them privacy, but also you can separate their toys and food. You can give comfort and calm your dog while the cat is in a different room.

Gradually introduce the pets to each other and allow both pets to smell one another. It helps them know each other better. If your dog is calm and trying to be friendly with the cat, then treat him and praise him that he is doing well. If your canine tries to jump on your kitten, try to block him with your knee. This gesture indicates to your pooch that the kitten belongs to the family. If it goes well, let them play on the floor for a few minutes, and then place them back in separate rooms and repeat this entire course for a few days.

You can also think about getting your kitty a tall cat tree to hide when it gets scared. These trees are also good for kittens to scratch their claws on.


Introducing your kitten to a hyper dog can be possible with careful planning, but ensure you take it slow. It is not always simple for two different pets to get along together instantly, and the safety of your pets is crucial. Have complete confidence that your hyper dog and kitten can coexist before leaving them alone together; otherwise, your job can become a lot harder in the long run.

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