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Best Broom for Dog Hair in 2024 | Review of the Top 6 Products

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If you’ve ever tried sweeping up dog hair with a regular broom, you’d agree that it can be a challenging and even frustrating task. 

Dog hair brooms to the rescue! While some of the most effective dog hair brooms are not necessarily made for dog hair, they’re better at it. A specialized broom is a highly essential accessory if you own a heavy shedder. Unless, of course, you do not mind sweeping the floors every time and still being unable to clean the dog hair up thoroughly.

Thankfully, you can purchase several dog hair brooms to remove dog hair effectively. If you own other fur babies, these brooms are also great for removing their shed hairs. So, whether you’re looking to sweep hair from carpets, hardwood, or tiles thoroughly, good dog hair brooms provide you with just what you need.

In this article, we’ll look at some important factors to consider when looking for the best broom for dog hair. We’ve also put together six dog hair brooms from our extensive research on pet hair brooms to help you narrow your search.

Had any experience with the products on our list or buying any of the recommended ones? Let us know how you liked them in the comment section at the end of the post. 

The Best Brooms for Sweeping up Dog Hair

Product Name

Key Features

Our Rating

Very long handle.

Perfect for all surfaces.

Built-in scraper & comb..

Self-cleaning bristles.

Very durable.

Can be used indoors & outside.


Telescopic handle

Adjustable handle.

Durable and reusable

For use indoors and outdoors. Extra long, adjustable handle.

High quality design.

Multi purpose.

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TreeLen Dust Pan and Broom


This is one dustpan and broom you’ll love having the moment your order reaches you. Thanks to the broom’s long handle, you won’t need to bend an inch to clean up the furs. This is another broom we highly recommend for taller users or people needing to clean hard-to-reach spaces.

For people with back or walking difficulties, this broom will significantly cut down the pressure on your back. The scraper and bristles are also easy to clean.

The lock technology makes it easy to discard the shed hairs and dirt in the garbage after cleaning. 

Why we like this broom

  • Flexible bristles to catch as many furs as possible
  • Up to 54 inches long to reach almost every area and suitable for taller users
  • Easy to empty the dirt into a garbage

What we didn’t like about the broom

The bristles are not as sturdy as most on our list so you may need to go over some surfaces more than once. 


The Primica Broom and Dustpan Set is an excellent broom for cleaning furs off hardwood floors indoors or outdoors. The soft, flexible bristles are made with superior quality material for extra durability. The broom is also water-resistant, so it’d still be perfectly fine if it gets in contact with water or has to be cleaned with water after use. 

The broom is easy to use, and you can count on it for a spotless clean. It also comes with scraper teeth on the dustpan to thoroughly comb out entangled furs on the bristles. Now, you won’t have to need to find a scraper to get the furs out of your broom. 

Why we like the Primica Broom and Dustpan Set

  • It is effective on several surfaces both indoors and outdoors.
  • It comes with a scraper to comb out entangled hair after each swipe.
  • Water-resistant

What we didn’t like about the set.

While it’s an effective broom for sweeping several types of surfaces, you may find it a bit too soft for use on some surfaces. 


Fur Buster Rubber Broom with Squeegee is included in this best broom for dog hair article for some of its best features.

First, the broom is made entirely of natural rubber for easy removal of your canine or feline's hair from furniture, carpets, and all types of floors, and this is something we cannot say about regular brooms and even lint rollers.

Also, as the product comes with a Lint Brush, pet hair can be easily removed from your clothing and upholstery almost immediately you find them. We also like that the product, unlike many others we tested, is easy to wash. It does not appear to require a strict maintenance routine; simply wash away fur on the bristles using soapy water and leave it out to dry a little.

Finally, we liked the telescopic handle that can easily be adjusted to suit various heights. The built-in SQUEEGEE EDGE easily cleans windows, showers, and windshields and effectively wipes away liquid spills on any surface, including tile, concrete, and wood.

Why we like the Gloyy Handle Broom

  • The easily-adjusted telescopic handle that can be held by any user
  • A built-in squeegee edge that may be used on areas outside the pet's space
  • The lint brush for easy pet hair removal
  • The broom is made with natural rubber that is easy to clean


The Yocada Rubber Broom Pet Hair Removal Brush is another product that made our list for some of its cool features. The 2 in 1 Broom and Squeegee is suitable for use on tile, concrete, and hardwood surfaces like deck and interior flooring. The broom's bristles are made with a sturdy rubber bristle that attracts and neatly gathers fur, dust, and scrapes on all types of floors and carpets without missing.
The attached squeegee can serve a wide range of purposes, including wiping away liquid spills on tiles, hardwood surfaces, and concrete and cleaning windows, windshields, and showers without scratching their surface.

The broom is designed with a sturdy stainless-steel handle that can be adjusted easily to your preferred length to clean most hard-to-reach surfaces instead of using ladders or bending excessively over in low areas. Finally, it is easy to clean and requires only little maintenance; wash the rubber bristles in soapy water to sanitize and renew after each use.

Why we like the Gloyy Handle Broom

  • The broom is made with durable stainless steel adjustable handle
  • The broom comes with a squeegee for multipurpose uses
  • The broom-squeegee combo can be used on surfaces other than the pet's play and living areas
  • Both broom and squeegee are easily cleaned and sanitized.


The Landhope Broom is another broom you should consider if you’re looking to get a broom that will efficiently sweep the furs off in a short time. The broom’s rubber bristles grab all the pet’s fur and the dust trace on floors. The bristles are gentle on your floor, so it also makes it safe for use on cars and windows. 

The built-in squeegee edge is effective for cleaning up spills in areas such as the balcony, garage, patio, and so many others. The long handle makes it suitable for users of different heights and also convenient for use on hard-to-reach areas. 

You’ll also love that the broom is lightweight and easy to clean (simply place it under a tap, and the dirt comes off like a dream). Storage is also neat and easy to help you save more space. 

Why we like the LandHope Broom

  • Comes with a squeegee for cleaning up spills
  • Water-resistant
  • Grabs dirt and fur off the floor.
  • Long handle that is suitable for taller users
  • Made with sturdy material to last repeated use on several surfaces

What we didn’t like

While the broom boasts features any pet owner would appreciate in a broom, we didn’t like that the handle was shaky and so had to be tightened often.


The RAVMAG Rubber Broom and Squeegee Package comes with a 13-inch rubber squeegee that cleans shed dog hair effortlessly. The high absorption rate makes it suitable and capable of cleaning out just about any liquid within a short time. The broom is also great for other uses, such as cleaning car windows and tiled floors.

The broom is made with rubber and works well even with minimal maintenance. This makes it an excellent broom for both long and short-term use on dog hair.

The sturdy water-resistant bristle makes the broom effective in cleaning dry and wet surfaces. The highly durable bristles do not lose their shape even after frequent use. The bristles' superior cleaning technology helps ensure that fur, lint, dust, and dirt are kept at bay in areas where your pet visits or sleeps frequently.

Not only is the TPR rubber used in making the bristles tough enough to handle challenging tasks of removing vast amounts of dog hair, but it is also gentle enough on the surface. The bristles can also expand and return to their original size for maximum durability.

The adjustable handle can be extended to as much as 55 inches, making it a fantastic choice for users of various heights to reach different surfaces.

The coated finish of this dog hair broom also enhances its durability, and the squeegee it comes with is versatile enough for several household uses.

Why we like the RAVMAG dog hair broom

  • Ideal for use by people of different heights to clean hard to reach surfaces
  • High absorption rate making it suitable for cleaning out liquids and furs
  • Water-resistant bristles efficient for cleaning out wet or dry surfaces
  • Requires minimal maintenance, so ideal for long- and short-term use
  • The TPR bristles efficiently handles tough tasks without causing damage to the surfaces.

What we didn’t like

Compared to many other brooms for dog hair, this broom is a bit expensive. But then, its quality and top cleaning technology make the investment worth it. 

Factors to Consider Before Picking a Dog Hair Broom

Below are some of our tips for selecting the best broom for pet hair. With this guide, you wouldn’t feel overwhelmed by the tons of options available when shopping online or in pet stores. 

Canine Breed

Your dog's breed is an important factor to consider when selecting a broom for dog hair. For a heavy shedder like the Golden Retriever, you want to pick a broom that is able to attract and trap a significant amount of hair in one slide. A broom with soft, small bristles will do just fine for lightly shedding dogs.


The setup of a broom is another factor to consider when picking a broom for dog hair. The handle should be easy to attach to the broom head. It should also be easy to adjust to the needed size to suit users of different heights.  

Ease of Use

A good dog hair broom should be easy to use. You want to save time whenever you need to clean up the hair, so the right product should do just that. When shopping, look out for brooms that are easy to operate to enable you to clean larger areas as quickly as possible. Generally, brooms with broad heads help you clean larger surfaces in less time.

Cost and Budget 

Your budget is an important aspect to consider when buying a dog hair broom. The price of brooms for dog hair varies from one brand to the other. 

However, while you need a thorough and effective broom, it shouldn’t cost you too much money. There are affordable and effective brooms out there, and we include some of them on our list of the best dog brooms.


A great dog broom should be sturdy material to remove shed furs effectively. The broom material is also important for a long-lasting product, and all parts of the broom, including the handle, broom head, and bristles, should be made of good quality and sturdy materials.

Types of Surface to Be Swept

The surface type is just as crucial as the broom itself. While some dog or pet hair brooms may be thorough at sweeping and removing dog hair from tiled and wooden floors, they may not be effective for removing hairs on rugs or carpets.

Final Words

Consider all of the factors that we mentioned earlier when looking for the best broom for dog hair. However, if you’re allergic to pet fur, you may also need to consider getting a vacuum cleaner. Though more expensive, they guarantee you a thorough clean every time.

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