Best Pet Camera for Cats

Best Pet Camera for Cats in 2021 | Review of the Top 5 Products

If you are like most cat owners, you may worry about your fur baby, its safety, and what it may be doing while you are away. You may also wonder if it gets bored, tired, lonely, or suffers from separation anxiety.  

While having someone look after your cat while you are away is an option, it is not always possible for several reasons, including pricing and availability. Thankfully, today, there are many accessories such as pet cameras that help you monitor your cat while you are away. Some even come designed with unique features to enhance the experience.

This article will discuss the types of pet cameras and some of the factors to consider when getting one for your feline. We’ll also list and discuss the best selection of pet cameras for cats to help you narrow your search when looking to buy a good quality camera for your feline.

Types of Cat Cameras: Collar Cams and Monitors

Monitor and collar cams are the two significant subcategories of pet cameras. We'll discuss some of their features below.

Monitor Cameras

Monitor pet cameras share a lot of similarities with regular security cameras. They can easily be set up in strategic areas like the living room to monitor your cat while also being out of the cat's reach and young children in the home.

Collar Cameras

These cameras can easily be attached to your pet’s collar to monitor its movement. When buying a collar cam, you want to remember that some cat collar cams will not be suitable for use with smaller breeds because of their weight and size. If you must use a collar cam, ensure that you only buy one ideal in size and fitting for your feline; otherwise, we think a monitor camera might be a better option here.

Factors To Put Into Consideration When Buying a Cat Camera

While there are so many cameras on the market today packed with “cool features” and nicely designed, you still want to pick only a product with the essential features, especially if on a budget.  Here, we discussed some of the features to look for when purchasing a new pet camera;

Video quality

You want a camera with at least 720p of horizontal resolution. A good quality camera enables you to clearly see what is in the room while you are away. This should not be hard to find as many pet cameras these days are designed with a 1080p camera and even higher for closer observation and monitoring. Some are even designed with 4k HD videos for optimum resolution and video clarity.

Two-way communication

With this feature, pet owners are able to interact with their pets. Cameras with two-way communication allow for two-way audio and two-way live video so pet owners can communicate to their pets from wherever they may be. Your cat can interact with you, listen to you, and be comforted by the sound of your voice.

WiFi connection

Cameras with WiFi connections allow for live monitoring from wherever you might be. You do not have to worry about camera placement and dealing with the extra wires with this feature.


Generally, cat cameras with more features are pricier than regular ones. However, there are still cheaper/budget-friendly options so look out for those who have a limited amount to spend on a cat camera.

Notification alerts

Many cat cameras are designed to send motion and noise alerts directly to your phone via the app.  You are alerted to help you be in the know if something out of the usual ever occurs. Some even alert you by sending short videos of your feline for quick and close inspection.

Treat dispenser

Some pet cameras allow you to dispense treats to your pet when you feel like rewarding it for good behavior or want it to have some extra snacks the entire day. These types of cameras are also perfect for use during training and physical activities.

Feedback from past buyers

Before buying your pet camera, you should check to know the feedback it has received from past buyers. Check both the negative and positive reviews to ensure that you are making an informed purchase decision for your cat’s specific needs.

Top Five Pet Camera For Cats

Here are our top five selections of pet cameras for cats. All of the key factors and customer reviews were put into consideration during the selection.

Product Name

Key Features

Our Rating

- Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

- Two-way audio.

- Crisp video resolution.

- Features night vision.

- Viewable from anywhere.

- Rotates horizontally & vertically.

- HD camera.

- Night vision.

- 3 minute set-up.

- App lets you consult a vet if any problems.

- Quick & easy set-up

- Includes laser toy.

- Interactive video timeline

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1. Eufy Security 2K Indoor Pan & Tilt Pet Camera

Eufy Security 2K Indoor Pan & Tilt Pet Camera, 2 count By Eufy


The Eufy Security 2K Indoor Pan and Tilt Camera is designed with the essential features a pet cam should have. The camera features a motion sensor that causes it to track and follow the moving object automatically. This is to enable you to see what is going on in your home as it happens.

The 1080p video recording quality is also of crisp resolution for optimum visibility and quality. In addition, the two-way audio allows you to speak and hear your pet and others in your home in real-time. The camera is also designed to be compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Apple HomeKit.

Key features we liked;

  • 360 degrees lens that pan horizontally and also tilt 96 degrees vertically for a complete view of the area
  • Two-way audio system for easy communication
  • Compatible with major virtual assistant services such Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit
  • High-quality video resolution for better image quality

Wyze Pan Pet Camera


This Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled WiFi camera is low-priced and designed to do a 360-degree rotation for multi-angle viewing. In addition, the cam can be panned, tilted, and zoomed with the smartphone app. It is also designed with night vision so that you can watch your pet after dark.

The panning is also quick; it spins an entire 360 degrees in less than three seconds. On its part, the length captures 93 degrees of vertical range while the six infrared LEDs are included to provide a clear image at night from even as far as 30 feet away.

Apart from the manual control, you can set the camera to follow the movement. This way, it moves from the side to keep your pet in focus as it walks by. The camera is also designed with a person detection system that alerts you through the phone app and records brief videos stored in the camera’s SD card. The videos may also be stored online for free access for up to 14 days.

Vimtag P1 Smart Cloud IP Pet Camera


The Vimtag P1 Smart Cloud IP Pet Camera is designed for high-definition video recording with 4x digital zoom. The camera is also designed with a two-way audio system and a 360 audio pickup, advanced nighttime technology, and wireless data storage.

Thanks to the two-way audio, you can listen to your pet and communicate with it when needed.  The camera is multi-user friendly for smartphones, so more than one household member can monitor the cat from wherever it may be. It is easy to install and designed to tilt and pan for maximum coverage and motion-sensitive notifications.

Key features we liked

  • It can be used to monitor your pet from anywhere
  • Live video streaming available on tablet, smartphone, and PC
  • Hide definition video for quality image alongside night vision with 4x digital zoom
  • Easy to set up and 2-way voice functionality for communication
  • Pan and tilt feature for complete visibility and motion detection
Petcube Cam HD Monitoring With Vet Chat Pet Camera


If you are on a budget, you can still keep an eye on your feline with a great camera with essential features. This two-way audio pet camera is designed with features such as the 110 degrees angle view and a 1080p high definition resolution and can be zoomed up to eight times for a clearer picture.  At night, it automatically switches to infrared night vision.

Thanks to the two-way communication system, you can talk to your pet to soothe it or give commands when needed.  The camera also comes with an on-demand pet care service known as Vet Chat. With it, pet owners can type questions and concerns into their phones to receive a consultation with a vet. The session is free the first time upon purchase of the Petcube camera. Subsequent sessions will require a subscription to any of the various plans provided.

Key features we liked

  • Designed with a wide-angle lens and up to 30 feet night vision for monitoring anytime and anywhere
  • Allows and encourages easy vet consultation when needed
  • Senses abnormal behavior and sends notifications to the phone app
  • Easy to set up/can be installed by almost anyone
Petcube Play 2 Play Wi-Fi Pet Camera, Matte Silver


This pet WiFi camera has a sleek design and features a 1080p HD, night vision, 160 wide-angled view, and two-way audio for real-time communication with your pet.

The camera is also designed with a laser toy for playtime/exercise and a built-in Alexa assistant to enable you to play music, listen to the news, and control your smart-home devices. In addition, it is made with sturdy material, and many pet owners who have purchased the camera so far seemed pleased with their purchase.

Key features we liked

  • Two-way audio for easy and responsive communication
  • Integrated laser toy for playful cats
  • Built-in Alexa Assistant
  • Motion and sound notification

Cat cameras FAQs

Answered below are some of the commonly asked questions about cat cameras;

Why do I need a dedicated pet camera?

A dedicated pet camera helps you keep an eye on your feline’s health, monitor and regulate their behavior, and still be involved in their activity while you are away. You are also able to prevent damages that would have cost you a lot of money, e.g., pets chewing on your furniture, clothes, and shoes.

What is the difference between a dog camera and a cat camera?

While many cams can be used for any pet, some come with specific features suitable for a particular animal.  Laser cameras, for example, are recommended for cats for obvious reasons. On the other hand, Treat-launching cameras are recommended more for dogs.  Generally, pet owners are advised to buy only cameras that suit their pet’s specific needs and interests.

Is a pet camera easy to operate?

Yes, most pet cameras are easy to set up and only require a one-button action to operate.

Can a cat camera be used for other purposes?

Cat cameras can have other important uses aside from monitoring. For example, they can be used for baby monitoring, home security, and sports activities.

Best Pet Camera for Cats: Conclusion

While many cat owners hate to be away from their felines for more than a few minutes, parting is often inevitable. If you have ever had to be away from your cat, you probably were worried about its safety, especially with no one around to monitor or care for it. Pet cameras to the rescue! With their amazing features alongside video and two-way audio communication system, you are provided with the opportunity to be there for your feline even when you aren’t physically present. What’s more? They are affordable and available for purchase on almost any budget, with some selling as low as $30!

Our top pick, the Eufy Security 2K Indoor Pan and Tilt Pet Camera, was selected for meeting most of the purchase requirements, the great and valuable features, and also for its affordability. The product also enjoys mostly positive reviews on retail sites as many past buyers seemed pleased with it.

We also liked that, just like most of the other cameras we reviewed, it could be used for other purposes besides cat/pet monitoring. That said, if you are thinking of buying a new pet camera for your cat, we hope this article and our review helps you narrow your search and make a more informed purchase decision. If you buy any of the cams on our list, let us know how it worked for you in the comment section. Know about or used other great pet cameras for cats? Tell us about them below!