Modkat Litter Box Review

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When it comes to keeping your cat happy, you’ll have to buy them a few things every now and then. Of course, there are a few items that are bare essentials for any cat owner. One of the most critical things you’ll need to buy for your cat is a litter box, but it can often be a challenging purchase as there as so many options.

Buying the best litter box can be a tough proposition because you can exactly test the product out yourself. You also won’t want to trust what manufacturers have to say about their own products, especially when every one of them claims that they have the greatest litter box on the market.

Finding the best litter box for your cat’s needs will often come down to how much research you're willing to do on the products out there. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to perform an in-depth investigation about litter boxes, and that's where we like to think our reviews come into the picture.

In our litter box reviews, we try to provide all of the info that potential buyers are looking for in their new product. Over the course of today’s article, we’re going to be covering one of the more unique litter boxes on the market: the Modkat. Without any further delay, let’s get right to our Modkat litter box review.

The Modkat litter box may not look like much when you first place your eyes on it, but the minimal cubic exterior hides what may be one of the most inventive litter boxes around. Unlike many common litter boxes, this product is enclosed, but it even manages to differ from a traditional enclosed model.

While most litter boxes without an open design will have an entry point somewhere on the side for your cat, this litter box allows entry only through the top. This may seem like it will make it challenging for your cat to get into the litter box, but all but the fattest of cats will have no trouble making it in.

Keep in mind that most larger cats wouldn’t be able to fit in this litter box in the first place, as it’s designed for smaller breeds and the kittens of large cats. However, if you’re looking for larger litter boxes, we have a comprehensive guide available.

Since cats have to enter this litter box through the top, you’ll find that the litter on their paws will end up falling back inside due to gravity.

In the end, this design is one of the best options for homeowners who have a consistent problem with their cat tracking litter all over their floors. If you have carpets that are constantly filthy after your cat does its business, you’ll find that the design of this litter box is ideally suited for you.


  • Swiveling lid for simpler maintenance
  • Designed to prevent leaks
  • Resistant to dogs
  • Comes with a reusable liner
  • Ideal cat weight of 12 pounds
  • Maximum cat weight of 30 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16” x 16” x 15”
  • Entry is 9.5” wide

Watch the video below to check out more awesome features and then continue with our modkat litter box review.

Key Advantages of the Modkat Litter Box

Now that you have an idea of what to expect from the Modkat litter box, we can cover the areas in which it excels when compared to the competition. Even though this model features an unorthodox design, it manages to beat out many of the most popular litter boxes on the market thanks to these benefits.

No Tracking

Tracking is a constant nightmare for cat owners, and it is one of the main reasons that open litter boxes are falling out of favor. When your cat steps out of the litter box, and it brings a bunch of litter out with it, then it's tracking, and different designs have various methods of minimizing this.

The Modkat litter box is highly resistant to tracking for a wide range of reasons. First off, this litter box has enclosed walls, which will ensure that no litter falls out of the box while your cat is inside it. Thanks to the walls, this litter box is ideal for cats that are a little more energetic and tend to toss litter around. 

The top-mounted entry means that your cat will have to climb out of the litter box before they’re able to get to the floor, allowing gravity to deal with the majority of the litter on your cat’s paws. The top of the litter box forms a grate that will allow any remaining litter to fall back down as well.

All of these features working together ensure that almost no litter will end up falling onto your floor when your cat uses this product. While you may assume that the entry is a little more challenging for your cat to master, you’ll find that they have no problem getting in and out after a few tries.

Virtually Leak-Free

Another problem that cat owners have to deal with when using poor-quality litter boxes is leakage. If you notice a bit of liquid pooling around the side of your litter box, then you may have a leak on your hands, and this can end up ruining carpets and causing no end of headaches (and foul odors).

The Modkat litter box is meant to prevent leaks thanks to a few design aspects that make the occurrence nearly impossible unless the litter box has been damaged. First off, this model features a reusable liner that is designed to be as absorbent as possible, preventing any liquids from escaping in the first place.

These liners are meant to last for up to three months, but the amount of time they work for you will depend on your cat’s size and frequency of use. However, if the liner is saturated, you have a second line of defense that will prevent leakage from reaching your floor: the seamless design of the walls.

Since these litter boxes are assembled without seams in the outer casing, you’ll find that there are no natural weak spots for urine or other bodily fluids to make their way through. In the long run, this will protect you from the development of odors, and it will also keep your floors intact.

Ideal for a Wide Range of Cats

One of the more common issues that you’ll face when buying a new litter box is making sure that your cat will be able to use it in the first place. While we’ll always love them, felines can be finicky creatures, and they’ll often refuse to utilize products that you buy them. Litter boxes are no exception.

Even if you can get your cat to use the litter box, you may find that the specific design doesn't work with how your cat prefers to do its business. The Modkat doesn’t typically face any of these problems. Contrary to what you may expect, getting into the litter box often doesn’t pose a challenge to many cats.

Once your cat is inside the litter box, you'll start to see the brilliance of the design, as the high, enclosed walls will ensure that you don't have any accidents, no matter how your cat does its business. Whether your cat likes to pee to the side or in any other direction, you'll rest assured that the area around your litter box will stay clean.

Unlike other enclosed litter boxes, the liner on the Modkat also extends further up, so it will also catch any pee or poop that ends up on the side of the litter box. Since this litter box can accommodate various ways in which cats do their business, it’s ready for a wide range of felines.

Build Quality

Another massive benefit to the Modkat litter box is that it features impressive build quality, especially when you consider its more reasonable price point. While other litter boxes with comparable construction are far more expensive, the Modkat isn’t much more than your average model.

The improved build quality of this litter box means that you can go far longer without having to replace it due to simple wear and tear. More effort and expertise in the manufacturing process of this litter box also means that it will be far less likely to have any factory defects or similar issues.

Safe for Your Cat

Finally, we also have to account for how this litter box is guaranteed to be safe for your furry friend to use. Some litter boxes are produced with cheaper materials that may contain poisons and other harmful elements, but that’s thankfully not the case with the Modkat.

Since the materials used in the production of these litter boxes are all certified free of BPAs and other toxic substances, you can rest easy knowing that your cat won’t be putting their health at risk.


You can often run into problems when searching for the right litter box for your feline companion. Keep in mind that this model is also known as the Modko Flip litter box, though Modkat is now the official name of the product.

We hope that this review guide has provided you with all of the information you were looking for when it comes to the Modkat litter box. Feel free to check out some of our other reviews if you have yet to find what you’re looking for.

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